Quayside No. 205

790 SE Webber St, No. 205, Portland 97202


In summer, No. 205 is bathed in sunlight shimmering off the water, enhanced by a warm breeze passing gently through the condo. During cooler seasons, the warmth from the fireplace provides the perfect ambiance for romantic evenings, or in quiet moments of solitude, curling-up with a book on a crisp winter’s day.
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Life on the river rejuvenates you in profound ways.  Perhaps it’s the multitude of distractions from the daily grind:  kayaking near Oaks Bottom, biking the Springwater trail, learning to sail at the Willamette Sailing Club... Certainly activities abound, but just as important is Quayside’s connection to nature and the community.  Perched above the banks of the Willamette river, nestled in the trees, you’re living in the heart of Sellwood-Moreland, one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Southeast Portland.  

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790 SE Webber St, No. 205, Portland 97202

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Neighborhood Vibe

Welcome to Sellwood-Moreland

Quayside enjoys an enviable address indeed. Situated along the banks of the Willamette river in Sellwood-Moreland, residents have ready-access to everything Portland has to offer. A private dock provides boaters, kayakers and paddleboarders unfettered enjoyment of the river.  The newly constructed Sellwood bridge, complete with pedestrian and bike lanes, provides a direct route to Johns Landing, Lake Oswego and Downtown, each just minutes away.

Cycling enthusiasts will enjoy the Springwater Corridor, a major southeast segment of the 40-Mile Loop. A scenic ride, the Springwater Trail transits wetlands, buttes, agricultural fields and pastures. Looking for more leisurely activities?  Sellwood-Moreland is renowned for its eateries, libations and antique shops. And let’s not forget, the beautiful Eastmoreland Golf  Course which shoulders the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, is open to the public

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On any given day, it’s not unusual to see Great Blue Heron, kayakers and sailboats from Willamette Sailing Club racing the Portland Spirit.
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Up for a hike?

Sellwood residents have ready access to some of the most beautiful urban hikes in the U.S.. Look no further than just across the Sellwood bridge to find an easy 2.3 mile hike through Oaks Bottom.  

From our partners at The Urban Digest:


"The loop through Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge burrows you into Portland’s wild side. Start at Sellwood Park among blufftop picnickers, dogwalkers, and baseball games and descend the sloping woods into the refuge.

Skirt the tallgrass South Meadow (once a landfill), then head north along the toe of the bluff, through the shady, swampy woods edging the heron and goose playground of Wapato Marsh, which is noisily sloshed by carp in the springtime. Happy shrieks waft across the water from Oaks Park; nearer at hand, mallards and wood ducks mutter to themselves in the marsh channels. A swift shadow alerts you to a bald eagle, freshly launched off a giant cottonwood overhead.

As you pass along the monumental base of Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial Funeral Home, crane your neck to admire its gigantic mural of Oaks Bottom beasties, from great blue heron to muskrat, that’s so prominent to eastbound travelers over the Sellwood Bridge just south.

Hang a left at a fork in the trail and cut through an airy cottonwood grove to join the Springwater Corridor, which here shadows the railroad that cleaves the Oaks Bottom wetlands from the Willamette River. Kayakers and powerboat anglers ply the waters between the riverbanks and Hardtack Island as you stroll south on the Springwater blacktop, joggers and bicycles (politely) whizzing past you. Before long you’re coming full circle, strolling along the western edge of Wapato Marsh.

Hit the Springwater’s junction with Spokane Street, and your starting point of Sellwood Park’s close at hand—from which you’re perfectly poised to grab a coffee or a pint on the streets of Sellwood." 

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Pioneer Courthouse Square


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I'd love to show you this amazing waterfront condo in Sellwood.  Want more information first? I'd welcome an opportunity to speak with you! Please feel free to call me on my cell at 503-730-0702.

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Kathy Quick, Principal Broker

Kathy Quick, Principal Broker

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