Welcome to the Meriwether

Luxurious Living in the South Waterfront 

The Meriwether was the first residential buildings in the 38-acre South Waterfront District and introduced a new style of living to Portland, Oregon. Located on the banks of the Willamette River, The Meriwether’s two slim glass towers were inspired by the point tower architecture of Vancouver, British Columbia.  By shifting the two towers, a courtyard and eco-roofs connect the towers to the river. Townhomes and retail space activate the street. The Meriwether uses the latest sustainable-building techniques to provide residents with a healthier lifestyle for this and future generations. Specific sustainable approaches include non-toxic paint and finishes, wheat board cabinetry, low-flow shower heads and toilets, wood floors and a high-efficiency heating and cooling system, as well as recycled and locally obtained building materials, and exterior sunshades integrated in the curtainwall system and balconies to minimize solar heat gain. The photo gallery below includes South Waterfront landmarks and neighboring condo complexes.