Choice without Compromise

Quick & Associates is proud to offer our clients two listing programs

Waterfront Concierge

Offering a Higher Standard of Service Since 2004

Our Waterfront Concierge listing program provides sellers with the highest level of service combined with a tailored approach to the preparation, marketing and sale of your property. Special attention is given to showcasing your home. Staging, videos walkthroughs, handcrafted print materials and interactive 3-D tours are all available to help you command the highest possible price and the best possible terms.

Waterfront One

One Percent Commission. Zero Percent Compromise.

This full-service 1% listing fee program designed to help you net more from the sale of your waterfront condo without compromising the services essential for a smooth transaction.  The program is tailored to the savvy seller who welcomes a streamlined selling process backed by the considerable expertise of a local brokerage specializing in waterfront sales for over a decade.

Ready to Get Started?

We begin with a simple phone call, typically lasting 30 minutes or so, to ensure the program is a good fit for you.  It provides us with an opportunity to listen to your specific needs and answer any questions you might have. Please use the form below to schedule an initial client meeting.

Compare Listing Fees

Waterfront One is a 1% listing program, so why do you have to pay 3.5% at closing?

In most real estate transactions, the Seller pays a sales commission that is split between both the Listing Brokerage and Buyer's Brokerage at the time of closing. That commission is shared up to four ways. In the case where Buyers and Seller being represented by two separate brokerages:

    • 3.5% is the total commission you pay at closing
    • 2.5% goes to the Buyer's brokerage firm, which it shares with the Buyer's Agent
    • 1% goes to Quick & Associates Real Estate, your Listing brokerage firm

    In the case of a disclosed limited agency transaction, where Quick & Associates represents both buyer and seller 3.5% goes to Quick & Associates

    Why do we offer two programs?

    Because choice is good.  Some folks value a higher-level of service, while others appreciate a streamlined approach that offers real savings. 


    Waterfront Concierge

    • Property Condition

      No matter its condition, we bring an impressive array of resources to assist you in the preparation, marketing and sale of your property.

    • Personal Preferences

      You always hire professionals to free-up what's most valuable to you: your time.

    • Comfort with Technology

      You prefer high-touch service whenever possible.

    • Status Updates

      You want to be kept apprised of all aspects of your sale on a regularly scheduled basis.

    • Showings

      We discuss your specific needs in advance.

    Waterfront One

    • Property Condition

      Your condo is in show-ready condition. You're ready to go on the public market ASAP.

    • Personal Preferences

      You place a high value on saving money and a streamlined experience.

    • Comfort with Technology

      You're comfortable with technology.

    • Status Updates

      You want updates when something warrants your attention.

    • Showings

      You're comfortable with Licensed Buyer's Agents showing your condo to their clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why hire a waterfront specialist?

    We realized early on that Portland's waterfront communities are vibrant and diverse, but there are enough similarities to warrant focus and specialization.  The knowledge, experience, contacts and resources that we've gained over the years has proven to be invaluable for our clients. Here's just a sampling of unique issues to waterfront HOAs:

    • Property, condition, valuation and appraisals (buy and sell)
    • Fee simple versus leased-land and financing
    • Repairs to commons elements required for sale involving HOA approval or payment
    • Public transportation right of way
    • Shared amenities, parking and storage

    Unlike the sale of single family residences, condominium transactions typically include specialized disclosure requirements and due diligence timelines. Quick & Associates is very familiar with the local Condominium Real Estate Agreement and its related documentation requirements:

    • Conditions, covenants and restrictions ("CC&Rs") and/or the Declaration
    • HOA articles of incorporation and bylaws
    • Rules and regulations
    • Policies, agreements and notices relating to age restrictions, pets, parking, any restrictions on rentals
    • Meetings minutes for the HOA and the board of directors
    • Casualty and liability insurance for the HOA and its board of directors
    • Current HOA assessments, budget and any HOA notices relating to potential increases in the assessments or any potential special assessments
    • Reserve studies conducted by or for the HOA together with current reserve fund figures
    • Documents prepared for the HOA such as inspection reports, studies, bids or proposals for repair or replacement of any actual or suspected defects in the structural integrity or safety of the Property, its common elements or common areas
    • Documents relating to any demands or claims made by or against the HOA relating to any actual or suspected defects in the structural integrity or safety of the Property, its common elements or common areas

    Moreover, we're very skilled at working with (and sometimes educating) Buyer's agents, HOA representatives, management companies, lenders, appraisers and other parties to ensure a smooth, successful transaction.


    What common elements do both programs share?

    Your Fiduciary
    After we decide to work together, our first and most important responsibility as your fiduciary is to deal honestly and in good faith. Additionally, we promise never to pressure you into a decision. More information about our legal obligations to you is described in this state of Oregon Real Estate Agency pamphlet.

    Comparative Market Analysis
    Our first deliverable is to prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Our CMAs include recent comparable sales from RMLS, automated valuation estimates from Redfin, RPR and Zillow, and our recommendation on an asking price that factors-in view, location in the building, condition and other pertinent factors.

    Marketing Plan
    Both marketing plans are designed to maximize both reach and appeal. Once your listing is active in the RMLS database, your listing is syndicated to real estate brokerages throughout the country and will appear on all the major real estate web portals.  Additionally, we invest in Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing to augment that reach. But most importantly, we showcase your condo online and in print to amplify its desirability, connect it to an aspirational lifestyle, and enhance its perceived value. 

    Showing and Feedback
    Based on your preferences, we will provide Buyer's agents with very specific showing instructions in RMLS. RMLS mandates that all brokers must comply with these instructions. This includes how they will access your condo (lockbox and/or concierge), the hours your condo is available to show, and whether or not you would like to be contacted before it is shown. Our systems are designed to prompt showing agents for feedback on important aspects of the listing: price, condition, desirability and interest from their clients. We share that feedback directly with you as it becomes available.

    The Offer
    Kathy Quick has been a top-producing broker since 2004, is a Certified Negotiation Specialist and has over a decade of experience representing buyers and sellers along Portland's waterfront. As a Principal Broker, she is personally involved in all transactions. When we receive an offer, we provide the Buyer's agent with an acknowledgement, arrange a time to discuss the offer with you, and negotiate the best possible terms and conditions on your behalf.

    Transaction Management
    We use secure systems to help manage the transaction. Deadlines and alerts are shared with the brokers, buyers, sellers, title company, lender, inspectors, appraisers and others.  This not only streamlines the process, but helps ensure a smooth, successful transaction.

    Closing Escrow
    We work very closely with the title company to ensure there are no surprises when you arrive to sign documents and close escrow. While it's ultimately your choice on which escrow company you use, we recommend WFG National Title, Lake Oswego Branch, Mary Ann Hughes. Mary Ann is the branch manager, vice president and senior escrow officer.


    Waterfront One: your role is important

    The savings associates with Waterfront One are possible because you help with simple, time saving tasks and by doing your part to help meet important deadlines. For example:

    When it comes time, please have your condo picture-perfect condition and meet the photographer at your condo.

    If you require notification or coordination before showings, the Buyer's Agents will call you directly to schedule an appointment.  That can save hours of four-way telephone tag between Buyers, Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent and Seller.

    We ask that you gather all the condominium documents on the Condominium Real Estate Agreement checklist ahead of an offer and upload them to our secure online repository.

    There are instances where the Buyer's due diligence requires answers from the property management company or an HOA representative. You may be asked to provide contact information or facilitate introductions. 

    After your offer is successfully negotiated, the Buyers Agent will contact you directly to notify you when their client's inspection is scheduled to take place. A typical inspection will take between two and fours hours. The Buyer's Agent is responsible for accompanying the inspector and their clients. You should plan on not being in the condo during this time.

    In-home inspections and measurements by a certified appraiser may be required by the Buyer's lender. If so, the appraiser will contact you directly to arrange an appointment.


    Will we make exceptions to the Waterfront One program?

    We’re eager to meet your needs and will always listen. If you’re individual requirements fall outside the Waterfront One program, you’ll be given the opportunity to upgrade to our Waterfront Concierge program. 


    My condo is rented, can I still qualify for Waterfront One?

    We evaluate this on a case-by-case basis.


    I need help getting my condo in show-ready condition. 

    We recommend our Concierge Program. Please contact us for more information.


    My HOA has a pending special assessment or litigation. 

    We recommend Concierge Program. Please contact us for more information.


    I want the listing agent present at every showing. 

    We recommend our Concierge Program. Please contact us for more information.


    What is a lockbox?

    We strongly encourage the use of a secure lockbox. RMLS has adopted SentriLock for its participants.  It remotely tracks entry and facilitates secure access to unit by other licensed agents and appraisers.


    What is Disclosed Limited Agency and is it permitted in Oregon?

    Also known as Dual Agency, this is when a single brokerage represents both the buyer and seller, or multiple buyers who want to purchase the same property.  It is permitted in Oregon, but can only be done with the written permission of all clients.

    The "Duties and Responsibilities of an Agent Who Represents More than One Client in a Transaction" is outlined this pamphlet published by the Oregon Real Estate Agency:


    Oregon Realtor Association Buyer and Seller Advisories

    We strongly encourage anyone involved in a real estate transaction to read the following Buyer and Seller Advisories:


    What is a Listing Agreement? 

    It is a contract between you, the Seller, and Quick & Associates Real Estate, your Listing brokerage.  Quick & Associates Real Estate uses the boilerplate Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS) listing agreement. It's what the vast majority of Oregon brokerages use. Please contact us to request a copy.


    What is the term of the Listing Agreement?

    Waterfront Concierge:  12 months in Active status in RMLS.

    Waterfront One:  6 months in Active status in RMLS.

    If the listing is Withdrawn, we add those number of days to the term of the contract.


    Can I cancel the Listing Agreement?

    Yes. You can cancel at anytime before an offer is received. 


    Can I upgrade to the Concierge Program?

    Of course. Just let us know.


    Credentials and client testimonials

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